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My Online Clinic is our secure patient portal software – allowing us to communicate with you around the clock – without holding or other hassles. Through this system you can register, order contacts, message your doctor, pay bills and schedule appointments online.


New Patient Registration saves you time by allowing you to register from anywhere, at any time of the day.  By registering before your appointment, we will be better prepared with having all your information in our charts.

Order Contact Lenses Online anytime of the day 24/7, and have them shipped directly to your house.

Schedule Appointments Online with no phone hassles, and more privacy 24/7.  You can use this feature to schedule routine appointments seven days in advance

Pay Bills Online - Available 24/7, no need for stamps or a trip to the mailbox.

Pay Bills Online


Message Your Doctor 24/7 with questions or concerns with no phone hassels.



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