Should I Consider a Premium Lens When I Have Cataract Surgery?

When it’s time for cataract surgery, your cataract surgeon removes your natural lens where the cataract is and positions an IOL in its place. An intraocular lens or IOL is a synthetic implant that focuses light inside your eye just like your natural lens. 

Besides eliminating cataract symptoms, IOLs can correct your natural refractive error. They’re able to fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. 

Keep reading to learn if you should consider a premium lens when you have cataract surgery!

What Are the Types of Premium IOLs?

A VisionFirst Eye Center, we offer a variety of premium IOLs to achieve various budget and vision goals. Some of the premium IOLs offered include:

Extended Depth of Focus

These kinds of IOLs deliver a continuous range of high-quality vision. As a result, your eyes are able to focus on objects that are far away and in the middle simultaneously.

Extended depth of focus IOLs can be an excellent choice if you frequently use distance vision for things like driving or intermediate vision for computer work. While these IOLs significantly reduce your dependence on prescription lenses, you may still require glasses for up-close work like reading.

Trifocal Intraocular Lens Implant

This FDA-approved IOL is the first of its kind. It allows you to see clearly at all three distances: close up, intermediate, and far away, with no gaps in vision.

A trifocal lens can also correct presbyopia at the time of cataract surgery. Presbyopia is age-related farsightedness that happens when your eyes lose the ability to see things close up. 

By selecting this lens, you have an excellent chance of living a glasses or contact-free lifestyle after cataract surgery.

Toric Intraocular Lens

Toric lenses are specially designed to address astigmatism during cataract surgery. Astigmatism occurs when your cornea has an irregular instead of a round shape. 

The abnormal curvature of the cornea prevents light from focusing properly on your retina. This causes distorted or blurry vision at all distances.

With a toric IOL, you can significantly decrease or even eliminate your need to wear contacts or glasses for far-away vision. However, you’ll still likely require reading glasses.

Reasons to Choose a Premium IOL

There are plenty of reasons why you should pick a premium lens implant. They include:

Better Vision

Premium IOLs give you greater freedom from corrective lenses. Depending on the IOL you select, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.

Allows You to Live an Active Lifestyle

Contacts or glasses help you see clearly. However, they can get in the way of many activities like swimming and playing golf. A premium IOL gives you greater freedom from corrective lenses.

It’s easier to stay active when you don’t have to worry about your glasses fogging up all the time or losing a contact lens. 

Addresses Multiple Vision Problems

A standard lens implant can only fix cataracts and is only set at one distance. On the other hand, premium IOLs are able to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism in addition to cataracts.

See Better than Ever with a Premium IOL

VisionFirst Eye Center is pleased to offer a range of premium IOLs. Their knowledgeable and experienced doctors will help you choose the best option depending on your specific vision, needs, and lifestyle.

Do you want to attain visual freedom after cataract surgery? Schedule your cataract evaluation at VisionFirst Eye Center in Pell City, AL, today to find out which premium IOL option is right for you.

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