4 Ways to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for people of all ages. Your kids may be the most excited to dress up and eat candy but adults can join in on the fun too. And regardless of your age, there are certain Halloween precautions everyone should take.

Did you know that every year there are hundreds of eye injuries related to Halloween costumes? Here are four Halloween safety tips:

1. Avoid costumes that impair your vision

Masks can be a fun way to complete your costume but make sure you are still able to see when you’re walking. It is dangerous to wear a mask that even partially impairs your vision. And you should be especially cautious with young children — face paint may be a safer option.

2. Don’t let kids have sharp items as Halloween props

We get it, that sword is the perfect prop for your son’s pirate costume. Just make sure it isn’t sharp and won’t hurt him if he accidentally trips and falls. Don’t forget, you’re going to be trick-or-treating in the dark. Costume props with sharp edges are dangerous for your child and other children as well.

3. Use caution with decorative contacts

Decorative contacts can be a fun and unique way to make your costume stand out this Halloween. Just make sure you use caution when picking them out.

Decorative contacts require the same care as regular contacts. It is actually illegal to sell contacts in the United States without a prescription. So you should never buy decorative contacts off the internet or from a party supply store.
Make sure you get a valid prescription from an optometrist. And see your doctor immediately if you start having eye pain or decreased vision after putting your colored contacts in.

4. Keep your porch and stairs well-lit

Even if you choose to opt out of trick-or-treating this year you can still help other trick-or-treaters stay safe. If you are going to be passing out candy, make sure your porch and stairs are well-lit. Keep any jack-o-lanterns away from areas where trick-or-treaters will be walking so you don’t have to worry about costumes brushing up against them.
We hope that you have a safe (and spooky) Halloween this year! For more information on Halloween safety or to schedule your yearly eye exam, contact our Birmingham office today!

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