6 Reasons to Consider LASIK This Summer

While prescription glasses and contacts help correct your vision, they have limitations. LASIK can give you clear vision without the hassle of contact lenses or glasses.

If you’re considering LASIK, summer is the perfect time to have laser eye surgery. Keep reading to learn six reasons why you should consider LASIK this summer!

1. Have More Fun Outside

If you love being outside and active, contacts or glasses can slow you down. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about losing a contact lens or your glasses constantly slipping down your nose in the middle of a fun activity?

With LASIK, you’ll be able to play baseball, enjoy mountain biking, take a hike, and do so much more with unimaginable freedom.

2. Enjoy Your Time in the Water

Swimming with glasses is not feasible, and swimming with contacts is not recommended. But after recovering from LASIK, you can swim anywhere, any time, and at a moment’s notice without worry.

From splashing away in your pool to diving in the ocean, you can spend all the time you want in the water without glasses or contacts getting in the way. It’s essential to avoid getting water in your eyes after LASIK until your doctor gives you the go-ahead.

However, if you stick to your surgeon’s post-LASIK recovery instructions, you’ll find yourself back in the ocean and swimming pool in no time.

3. Save Money

The amount you spend on new glasses, backup glasses, frames, contacts, and cleaning solutions can add up over time. Compared to the one-time cost of LASIK, reducing dependency on contacts and glasses will save you a lifetime of expenses that come with prescription eyewear.

4. Travel Hassle-Free

You’ll still need to pack your bags for your next summer trip. However, you won’t have to carry backup glasses or contacts after you’ve had LASIK.

You can go on your adventures with renewed, crisp vision without glasses or contacts.

5. Wear Stylish Sunglasses

Perhaps you’re tired of wearing prescription sunglasses and not being able to get those stylish ones? Even though protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays is critical, it shouldn’t be limiting.

Thanks to LASIK, you can look trendy and fabulous with your favorite sunglasses while still shielding your eyes from the sun.

6. Reduced Summer Allergies

Summer allergies can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as watery, itchy, and swollen eyes. Unfortunately, contact lenses exacerbate allergy symptoms and increase eye irritation.

After LASIK, you will be able to reduce your dependence on contact lenses significantly. Due to this, you will considerably improve your eye comfort during allergy season by wearing your contacts less.

Even though LASIK doesn’t cure allergies, it enables you to avoid worsening the condition with contacts that can trap irritants in your eyes.

Have Your Best Summer Ever with LASIK

There is no better time for you to get LASIK than summer. Contact the trusted eye doctors at VisionFirst Eye Center for a consultation.

LASIK is a quick, safe, and effective procedure with little downtime. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy summer glasses or contacts free before you know it.

Are you interested in learning more about how LASIK can give you more freedom this summer? Schedule a LASIK consultation at VisionFirst in Birmingham, AL, today!

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