7 Signs That LASIK Will Change Your Life for the Better

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If you’ve lived with poor vision for years, you’ll be surprised at what LASIK can do for you. LASIK corrects refractive errors like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Beyond that, it offers incredible benefits. Keep reading for 7 signs that LASIK will change your life for the better!

1.    Saves You Money

The one-time cost of LASIK may seem high, but it can save you money over time. On average, you’ll spend $500 per year on contacts and contact lens solutions or glasses and frames.

You no longer have to pay this when you get LASIK, and LASIK starts paying for itself after about two years. No matter how you choose to pay for the procedure, eventually, you will own your vision and have more money in your pocket for things you care about, like traveling or buying your first home.

2.    Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contacts

Imagine waking up each morning and not having to wear glasses or put contacts in before stepping out the door. LASIK can make this a reality by reducing or eliminating your need for visual aids.

After LASIK, you won’t have to worry about your glasses fogging up or breaking. You’ll also forget about the hassle of spending time each day wearing and removing your contacts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could attain freedom when it comes to your vision?

3.    Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Wearing contact lenses can make existing allergy symptoms worse. Dust, pollen, and other allergens can stick to your contacts.

Having allergens on your contacts exposes your eyes to irritants, causing your allergy symptoms to flare up. You may feel more uncomfortable or downright miserable.

LASIK can offer some much-needed relief during allergy season. Even if you still have allergies, they’ll be a lot less severe since you’ll spend less time touching your eyes throughout the day.

4.    More Self-Confidence

If you’ve never really liked how you look in glasses, tossing your glasses after laser vision correction can make you more confident in your appearance. With LASIK, there’ll be no more fussing about your glasses matching the rest of your attire or feeling self-conscious all through the day.

5.    Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Trying to participate in outdoor activities while wearing contacts or glasses is difficult. Your contacts might fall out during the middle of a game, or glasses can break if you accidentally get hit in the face.

LASIK allows you to enjoy more activities with crisp, clear vision and without contacts or glasses getting in the way.

6.    Offers Convenience

One of the reasons many people choose LASIK is the convenience it delivers. The inconveniences that come with contacts or glasses will be a thing of the past.

You can go about your daily life without contacts irritating your eyes or cleaning dirty glasses all the time.

7.    Minimal Eye Infections

Contact lenses make you more susceptible to eye infections that can even lead to vision loss. Whenever you touch your eyes to insert contacts, you risk spreading harmful bacteria to your eyes.

No matter how careful you are when handling contacts, you might occasionally neglect proper contact lens hygiene. Once you get LASIK, you won’t need to wear contacts every day, drastically reducing your chances of infection.

See the World with Extraordinary Clarity

Want to live your best life with clear vision without foggy glasses or uncomfortable lenses? LASIK can make this a reality.

Take your first step toward attaining crisp, sharp vision by scheduling your LASIK consultation at VisionFirst Eye Center in Birmingham, AL, today!

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