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Nearly three million Americans currently report suffering from vision impairment. According to experts, many more may have eye diseases and may not be aware of it. In the age range of 40 or older, 2.7 million Americans have glaucoma and 24.5 million Americans have cataracts. Cataracts affect 68% of those who are 80 or older. With regular eye exams, however, these can be uncovered, and in many cases, stopped or corrected before they cause serious amounts of damage.

Dr. Mark Bearman, Ophthalmologist and co-owner of VisionFirst,Eye Center stated, “We focus on providing the most modern eye care possible for our patients. We encourage everyone to have their eyes examined on a regular basis to ensure any eye diseases are caught as early as possible. With the technology we have, we provide the most advanced treatments available to help prevent vision loss.”

Glaucoma is considered a serious eye disease as everyone is at risk, no matter his or her age, and there may be no symptoms to warn the person there is an issue with their eyes. In fact, experts estimate only half of those who have Glaucoma are aware of it. Testing for Glaucoma is essential to prevent blindness and to stop the progression of the disease before it reaches the point where a person may start to have vision issues.

Macular Degeneration is another serious eye disease that usually starts without any symptoms. Age is usually a factor, and most people don’t develop this until they are over 60 years old. Two of the most common risk factors include smoking and genetics. Although there is no cure, there is a lot that can be done to prevent the progression of the disease, especially if it is caught early enough.

Dry eye is another ailment many people suffer from, and in many cases there are treatments available. Causes of Dry Eye can range from medications, skin diseases, pregnancy, allergies, infrequent blinking and more. The treatment is going to depend on the cause, but it can often be managed with medication, by managing any underlying disease, or through surgery.

VisionFirst wants everyone to learn about these and other eye diseases and to understand the importance of regular eye exams. Dr. Bearman stated, “The importance of regular eye exams can not be ignored. Regular exams can help spot eye diseases early enough to take action and to prevent further issues. We encourage anyone who has not had an exam in the last year or longer to come in for their next visit to ensure their vision is not being affected.”

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