How Do I Know If I Need Laser Cataract Surgery?

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Is your vision blurry? Do you find it more challenging to drive at night due to glare and halos?

These are some of the common signs of having a cataract. Most people will eventually develop cataracts as a result of aging.

With age, proteins inside the eye break down and clump together on your lens, causing it to become cloudy. Cataracts usually develop gradually over many years or decades, interfering with your ability to see.

Certain factors contribute to cataracts forming more rapidly, including UV exposure, smoking cigarettes, having diabetes, and eye trauma. Keep reading to learn more about signs that indicate it may be time for laser cataract surgery!

Blurry Vision

Cataracts cause blurry vision. If you find that your vision has become blurrier and stronger prescription glasses or contact lenses don’t help, it’s time to consider having laser cataract surgery.

You Can’t See Well Unless You Have Enough Light

During the early stages of cataracts, you may not realize you have one at first. They may not impact your eyesight or ability to see.

But over time, as they develop, cataracts make it increasingly hard to complete up-close tasks. This negatively impacts activities such as reading and sewing, even if you have strong eyeglasses.

When you can’t see well unless you’re in a properly lit room, your cataracts may be severe enough to start thinking about having them removed.

Seeing Double in One Eye

While seeing double can point to other eye conditions, double vision in only one eye usually signals cataracts. When you have a hard time seeing because of double vision, it’s advisable to consult with your ophthalmologist as soon as you can.

Your eye doctor will determine whether you need laser cataract surgery.

Having Trouble with Nighttime Driving

As cataracts continue to grow, they produce intense glares and halos. As a result, headlights from oncoming cars can be blinding, and you might be unable to see road signs clearly, making it harder to drive at night.

To ensure your safety and everyone else’s on the road, it’s best to stop driving until you have your cataracts removed and your clear vision restored.

Difficulty Enjoying Outdoor Activities

Cataracts increase your sensitivity to light, which can be problematic if you love outdoor activities like golfing, sailing, and surfing. Laser cataract surgery is the best solution when you can no longer enjoy your hobbies because of cataracts.

Your Vision Improves Temporarily

Sometimes, cataracts form right in the middle of your eye. These are known as nuclear cataracts.

With a nuclear cataract, you’ll often experience a sudden, but temporary improvement in vision also referred to as second sight. Blurry vision that abruptly improves and becomes clear should be discussed with your ophthalmologist right away to determine if it’s time to have laser cataract surgery.

You’re Unable to Complete Simple, Daily Tasks

Cataracts eventually reach a point where they affect your ability to perform routine, everyday activities like cooking, watching TV, shopping, yard work, and climbing stairs. When cataracts impact your ability to be independent, your eye doctor may recommend laser cataract surgery for sharper, clearer vision.

Frequent Prescription Changes

If your glasses or contact lens prescriptions start to change rapidly, then your cataracts may be maturing. Talk to your eye doctor about cataract surgery and when they recommend having the procedure.

Do you have vision loss due to cataracts? The experienced doctors at VisionFirst Eye Center can help. Our team uses laser cataract surgery, allowing you to have the best possible vision.

Ready to learn more about if laser cataract surgery may be right for you? Schedule a cataract consultation at VisionFirst Eye Center in Birmingham, AL, today!

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