Can Getting LASIK Improve the Holiday Season?

The holidays are a cheerful time of the year. Holidays can get even better with excellent eyesight!

With sharper, crisper vision after LASIK, the winter wonder and bright lights will look clearer and more vivid than you ever imagined.

Keep reading to learn why the holiday season is a perfect time to get LASIK!

Freedom from Glasses and Contacts

Are you tired of dealing with contacts that need constant replacement or glasses that always slip down your nose? LASIK can drastically improve your eyesight and help you reduce your dependence on your prescription eyewear.

Enjoy Winter Activities

There are many fun things to do with family and friends in winter, especially after LASIK. From battling with kids in an impromptu snowball fight to gliding through the cool winter air on a sled, you can relish every moment without worrying about your glasses or contacts getting in the way.

Avoid the Winter Woes with Corrective Lenses

Wearing contacts during winter can get rather uncomfortable because of the dry air. Your eyes may feel like sandpaper due to excessive irritation and dryness.

On the other hand, glasses tend to fog up all the time in winter.

The sharp temperature difference between the cold air outside and the toasty indoors will instantly make your lenses fog up.

This can be quite frustrating and potentially risky when your vision is constantly affected. LASIK can make winter easier on your eyes.

With laser eye surgery, you’ll be able to have a memorable holiday without the inconvenience of prescription eyewear.

Very Little Downtime

LASIK has a short recovery time. You can get laser eye surgery done and recover quickly, allowing you to spend quality time with loved ones.

Picture enjoying this festive season with one less thing to hold you back. LASIK can make that possible.

Put Your FSA to Good Use

If you have a flex account, then you know that time is almost running out. Luckily, you can put those funds to good use before they expire at the end of the year.

Your flexible spending account (FSA) allows you to use your pre-tax dollars for eligible procedures, including LASIK. You’ll be able to cover some of the cost of your laser eye surgery and pay for your post-op eye drops with this tax-free account.

New Year, New You

Having LASIK on your New Year’s resolutions list might be what you need to start a fresh chapter in your life. The decision to get laser eye surgery during the holiday season can give you a renewed sense of freedom and even bring exciting opportunities your way.

Plus, seeing clearly without glasses or contacts will make pursuing your New Year goals easier.

Kick Off the Holidays with Brand New Vision

Do you dream of waking up and seeing clearly without fumbling for your eyeglasses or putting in contacts? With the holidays almost upon us, you can look forward to having your best vision ever and enjoying magical moments with loved ones after LASIK.

Do you want to learn if you’re a candidate for LASIK? Schedule your appointment today at VisionFirst Eye Center in Trussville, AL, today to find out if you’re a good candidate.

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