Two Popular Lifestyle Bloggers on Their LASIK Experience

Lifestyle bloggers now dominate the internet and hold enormous sway over consumers. It is why companies and brands have quickly partnered with suitable influencers who can try their products and share them with their loyal followers. But people look to lifestyle bloggers for more than just fashion advice. They look to them for lifestyle advice, funny anecdotes about how to raise their kids, and personal tidbits that they can relate to their own lives. One topic that a few lifestyle bloggers have touched on is LASIK eye surgery.

Whether or not you get LASIK is a decision that you should ultimately make with your eye doctor, but reading the stories of some lifestyle bloggers’ experiences with LASIK may make the operation seem less scary and more like a procedure that can elevate your day-to-day life.

Brooklyn Blonde Discusses the Positive Impact on Her Quality of Life

“The next morning, that’s when it really hit me. My vision felt like it was perfect and I could see the alarm clock without reaching for my glasses. It’s such a crazy thing! Even getting ready in the morning and not having contacts as part of my “getting ready routine,” is so strange!”

Helena Glazer writes about fashion, beauty, and motherhood on her popular lifestyle blog Brooklyn Blonde. In one of her posts she discusses her LASIK experience . Unlike most accounts of getting the procedure, Glazer writes that before the procedure she felt more excited that nervous – and for good reason!

Prior to going in for her consultation, LASIK eye surgery was something Glazer had considered doing for ages, but she had put it off until finally her contacts started giving her way too much trouble to bear. She journaled that her eyes were feeling puffy and watery on most days and there were some days she could not wear eye make up just to avoid the irritation. After meeting with a doctor friends recommended, she underwent the procedure and reported feeling thrilled with the results.

Traveling Made Easier with LASIK for the Duo at The Planet D

“I no longer have to carry extra contacts should something happen, I don’t have to worry about water knocking my contact out or deciding if I should wear prescription sunglasses or go with contacts…Now I can truly enjoy our adventures.”

The internet and the accessibility of blogging has ushered in a new generation of travel writers. Most of these writers have shrugged off the traditional constraints of a 9 to 5 job and a sedentary lifestyle in exchange for a permanent life on the road. The Planet D is a travel and lifestyle blog that tells the story of not just one of these kind of people, but two – in fact, they are a couple!

Dave and Deb have made their life about travel and adventure. Married for 20 years, the two make a living through blogging and brand partnerships and are teaching others how to achieve this kind of lifestyle, too. Deb had worn glasses all her life, and her eye doctor had told her she was a candidate for LASIK. But fear and the fact that she and Dave were never home long enough for her to get the procedure and recovery meant she kept putting it off.

When she finally found enough down time to get the procedure, Deb’s doctors advised her that in addition to her high prescription and astigmatism, she would soon need to think about her near vision. As a woman over 40, it was something she would inevitably have to deal with. Her eye doctors recommended fixing one eye for distance and one for near vision, but to avoid what seemed like a lot of extra complication Deb opted for simply correcting her eyes for distance vision. After the procedure Deb experienced dry eye, a symptom typically associated with LASIK that can be addressed with eye drops. Deb expressed happiness at the new found independence and control vision without glasses afforded her and her adventure-filled travels!

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