When is the Right Time to Consider LASIK?

Squinting your way through the workday because you left those pesky glasses at home for the third time this week? It’s only for another month or so, you promise yourself, I’ll look into LASIK when the time is right.

Well, what if that perfect time never comes, huh? Have you thought about that??

Lucky for you, it will. We know this because “perfect times” are happening all the time! Big life changes can come in heaps, which is why we’ve outlined five major milestones that could be the ideal opportunity to reconsider LASIK. Talk to one of our doctors and find out if you’re a candidate for LASIK surgery.


1. College graduation

Sure, you can kind of make it through college with blurry vision. You can trace your steps to the library and memorize the menu at your favorite brunch place. But there’s no reason to keep tripping, girl, when you could be setting your sights on your future. What better way to tell the world “Hey, I’m great at adulting,” than by investing in your vision? Give yourself the graduation gift of seeing without glasses or contacts. Or better yet: get someone else to give it 🙂


2. A promotion at work

Whether you are a high-powered, no nonsense criminal defense attorney or an exec assistant balancing seven skinny vanilla lattes in one arm and a planner in the other, your job matters. Your ability to succeed in your job matters. The money you make in your job matters! The point is, a nice way to treat yo’self after a promotion might be to get LASIK.


3. Getting married

Tying the knot? Congrats! Don’t be stuck on your big day trying to guess if that double chocolate fudge brownie wedding cake is five or six layers. What if you were able to see it clearly without glasses and know that it is, in fact, eight and that you will be having at least three slices? For your wedding, consider walking the aisle without glasses or contacts. Could you even add it to your registry?


4. Planning for parenthood

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it — parenting is a high-speed train ride taking you from sweet sleeping baby to angsty tween in the blink of an eye. Your child is not going to wait for you to grab your glasses when they are ready to strut across the lawn taking their first steps. They also will not redo their role as tree number three in the middle school musical just because you forgot to put in your contacts. Before you start family planning, maybe consider eyesight planning and check with an ophthalmologist to see if you’re a good candidate for LASIK. Unless you’re pregnant or a nursing mother — then you’ll have to wait.


5. Your next travel adventure

“Look at that breathtaking, stunning, one of a kind, out of this world waterfall over there,” your friend exclaims while taking selfies in front of the ninth Wonder of the World™. Unfortunately for you, your glasses didn’t make it out of the hotel room this morning and all you can see is a mysterious, dazzling, indistinct shimmer. Before you skip halfway around the world, you might want to consider how LASIK will open you up to exploring majestic waterfalls, stately mountains and stunning views without the extra packing list items associated with glasses and contacts.

LASIK isn’t going to magically transform you into employee of the month or mom of the year, but it may help you enjoy your life less the hassles of glasses and contacts. Even if you are a hopeless romantic or homebody who is getting ready to close this webpage because none of these reasons relate to you, there might be other, small moments where not having to deal with glasses or contacts would make daily life a little easier.

LASIK is a surgery and has some risks. Common side effects include dry eyes or visual disturbances like glare, halos, double images or starbursts. Also some activities may still require glasses or contact lenses. Discuss side effects and any other concerns you have with one of our doctors at VisionFirst Eye Center.

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