Why iLASIK is better than Traditional LASIK Eye Surgery

Thinking about laser eye surgery, but not sure which one is best for your vision correction? You have options – and some are better than others!

By far the most well known refractive surgery is LASIK, a treatment that starts with the creation of a thin flap in the cornea. During a LASIK treatment, a surgeon uses a blade or a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear front part of the eye. The creation of the corneal flap allows light travelling through the eye to be properly focused onto the retina (the back of the eye) for clearer vision. The result is improved vision without glasses or lenses within as a little as 24 hours.

While not as well known, Intralase LASIK or iLASIK is considered the most advanced refractive surgical procedure. You might also hear the treatment referred to as Bladeless LASIK, which is just as the name suggests, 100% blade-free.

iLASIK is proven to be the safest and most accurate method for laser vision correction. Using a computer-guided infrared laser light, surgeons are able to create the corneal flap with precision and accuracy. iLASIK measures the unique characteristics of the eye, which provides a completely customized correction for exceptional visual clarity. Additionally, iLASIK typically has fewer risks and complications than other types of LASIK and provides outstanding results with a faster recovery time.

In an Intralase LASIK procedure, measurements of the eye are taken with an advanced mapping system that allows surgeons to diagnose and understand the patient’s visual imperfections. An ultra-precise laser is then used to correct the vision according to the 3D visual. The creation of the corneal flap with this type of technology delivers excellent results, often leaving patients with 20/20 vision or more. Additionally, clinical studies confirm that patients have experienced less glare at night and reduced dry eye symptoms.

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