5 Reasons Why Glasses and Halloween Don’t Mix!

Leaves are changing colors. Awards hopefuls are coming to theaters. This can only mean one thing: it’s fall. And with fall comes one other thing: Halloween 🙂

Halloween’s a scream, and while you’re excited about what the holiday may hold, there are also a lot of questions weighing on you. Will Ken Bone be too dated by the 31st? Is Kevin’s party going to be more or less fun than Jeremy’s?

Well, if you’re one of the millions of unfortunate souls who plans to wear glasses on Halloween, you’ve got a whole host of other considerations weighing on you because glasses and Halloween do not get along.


(Credit: Paul Joseph/Flickr)

1. It’s really hard to wear a mask with glasses on

Do they go over the mask or under the mask? And if they go under the mask, how do you get past the discomfort? And if they go over the mask, does it totally ruin the look? Is it better just to do Halloween blind??


(Credit: Petful/Flickr, petful.com)

2. You’re sick and tired of being Harry Potter every year

It was really fun when you were 12, but there hasn’t been a new film in four years now and you’re just rocking the look because it’s the only look to rock. People without glasses just have so many more options.


3. And you can forget about group costumes

Which Spice Girl wore glasses? Or Captain Planet and the Planeteers? Did a Hansen Brother at least have a pair? Coordinated, ironic 90s group costumes are really hard when you have to accommodate optical considerations.


4. Halloween parties provide endless scratchportunities

Your friends and loved ones have more pointy appendages than usual on Halloween. Any one of them catch your face the wrong way and those lenses are toast.


5. Glasses lost on Halloween are glasses lost forever

It might be something about the spooky energy in the air, but if you lose a pair of glasses on Halloween — be it at a party, a carnival, trick-or-treating, wherever — they’re goners. If they’re not literally carried off by the current of mischievous souls, then they will get stepped on. Period.

Glasses are a hassle on Halloween, but they’re also a hassle the other 99.7% of the year. The only vision correction solution without the hassle of glasses or contacts is LASIK, and if you haven’t given LASIK a second thought in many years, you should. There’s tons of answers and information at www.backinfocus.com.

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