Planning for Parenthood and LASIK

When you’re planning for parenthood, if there’s one thing you’re probably not thinking about, it’s an elective medical procedure for yourself.

You’re probably more concerned with the conception, baby proofing, work/life balance and how you’re going to fit a little bundle of joy into the big mess of life. However, taking care of yourself is a big part of taking care of your family. And seeing clearly, whether it means being able to see right away during those middle-of-the-night parenting duties or keeping an eye on your child make a new friend on the other side of the playground, is a safety must.

Planning for parenthood is already complicated, which is why a procedure like LASIK might make things simpler if you don’t have to deal with the hassles of contacts or glasses while you’re dealing with the hassle of the kid you’re planning for.

Here are a few times where better vision without glasses or contacts could come in handy for you.


1. When your glasses won’t play nice with others 

Kids just seem to know when something is off limits — and that is usually the item they want to steal, put in their mouths, or hide in the most unlikely of places. Your glasses, portable and fragile as they are, are a perfect target for playtime mischief.


2. Every time you get up in the middle of the night

New parents, meet insomnia. Insomnia, new parent. During your child’s first few years, you might be privy to all sorts of untimely wakeup calls. Wouldn’t you rather be up and out of bed as soon as you hear crying rather than fumbling around for your glasses?


3. When you realize traveling light is a thing of the past

When you leave the house, you’re no longer grabbing your purse or briefcase and jetting out the door. Soon you’ll also need the diaper bag (check), toys (check), snacks and baby food (check and check), and your glasses or contacts are just one more thing to remember. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading out for a week or just the afternoon, you’re going to have some serious baggage either way.


4. While finessing the family budget 

A common thought among new parents: how the #$!* am I going to pay for college?! Some families set up special college savings accounts before their child is even born — that is, right now.

While you might think of money spent on contacts or glasses as a non-negotiable, try tallying up how much you spend on those items in a year. While LASIK isn’t cheap, it could end up costing you a lot less over your lifetime. Calculate your cost savings here.


5. During any of the “life moments” that make parenting so great 

More than anything, there are going to be times when you want to be able to see and remember everything down to the littlest details. It might be your baby taking their first steps, seen out of the corner of your eye; or watching your son or daughter smile as they cross the graduation stage.  Sometimes you might feel like you blinked and they grew up before your eyes, so don’t let yourself miss any of it.

LASIK isn’t for everyone. Specifically, it’s not for pregnant women or nursing mothers, so if you’re thinking about starting a family, it’s something you may want to consider in the early stages of family planning, or else you may have to wait until your little one’s a little older. You’ll need to consult with a doctor first to see if you’re a candidate, and to learn what to expect from your procedure, including potential side effects.

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